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Cinematography is a passion of mine. Below are two films I have produced, written, and directed. These films capture my combined love for kink, raunch, and glamour. Enjoy my art, and please lose yourself in the fantasy of Flora Luiz.  

"Dinero del Puerco"
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"Dinero del Puerco", July 2019

This film showcases the power exchange between an alpha female and submissive piggy. Visually inspired by my love for sixties fashion and vintage erotica; I've created this film in efforts to bring my most absurd, campy, perverted fantasies to life. 

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"Indulgence", December 2018

Elegant and perverted; self indulgence in the purest form. This film captures my experience submitting to the body and mind, allowing curiosity to guide me as I explore my oral fixations. 

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